Basic knowledge

What is ‘inland navigation’ exactly? Inland navigation is the transport of numerous types of cargo along the inland waterways of Europe. It is one of the modes of transport (also termed modality) in the logistics chain. Nowhere else in Europe is the proportion of inland navigation in this chain as great as it is in the Netherlands. In fact, inland navigation has a transport share of over 30% in this country; hence, the Netherlands has the largest inland navigation fleet in Europe!

Following are a few characteristics of this modality in a row. Inland navigation:

  • is environmentally friendly and safe;
  • has a tremendous amount of free capacity on the waterways;
  • has an extensive and modern fleet;
  • has a wide range of ship types;
  • provides modern logistics and innovative solutions;
  • has low costs (including social costs);
  • offers high reliability.

Everything that you should know about inland navigation can be found here such as the different types of ships, what they can carry, where they can go and how the market works. So find out what inland navigation has to offer!

Types of vessels
Types of cargo
Loading and unloading


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