Here are two versions of a thesis on the novel Jekyll & Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson. This video reviews the necessary components of a thesis and provides some examples. In the convincing thesis above, you can see my opinion on Narnia, followed by three clear reasons. This thesis is perfect for setting up a neat essay with five paragraphs. Mary Shelley uses shifting narrative perspectives to portray Victor Frankenstein in an increasingly negative light throughout the novel; he begins as a naïve but sympathetic idealist, but in the end we see him as a character of thoughtless cruelty. In an expository essay, you try to explain the facts of a subject or process. Your thesis does not need to give a strong opinion, but it should clearly state the central point you want to make on your topic and mention the most important aspects that you will explain. In this convincing thesis, you can see that I am talking about my opinion (the best type of sandwich), which means that I have chosen an attitude. Then I explain that my opinion is correct with several important reasons. This type of persuasive thesis can be used in any essay that contains the author`s opinion, including, as I mentioned above, comparison/contrast essays, narrative essays, etc. Since junk food is bad for your health, the size of sodas offered in fast food restaurants should be regulated by the federal government, is a controversial thesis.

Reasonable persons may or may disagree with the statement. Your thesis will be a little different depending on the type of essay you write. But the thesis should always clearly state the main idea you want to convey. Everything else in your essay should relate to this idea. The best thesis statements are concise, controversial and consistent. In an essay that involves the analysis of a text, your thesis should mention the specific aspect you will focus on and indicate what insight it gives us about the meaning or purpose of the text. The thesis should be placed at the end of the introduction to your essay. An argumentative thesis must be focused and narrow. A targeted and narrow claim is clearer, can be better supported by evidence, and is more convincing than a general and general claim. This is a controversial thesis because term limits are possible and joint political control is a reasonable goal. This is an example of a controversial thesis because reasonable people might disagree with it. Some people may think that this is how we should spend the nation`s money.

Others may think that we should spend more money on education. Still others might argue that businesses, not the government, should pay to limit pollution. The federal Immigration Enforcement Act needs to be revised because it imposes unreasonable restrictions on state and local police is an argumentative thesis because it takes the position that immigration law needs to be amended. Especially in an argumentative essay, your thesis should be something that others might question or disagree with. Claims generally fall into one of four categories. Thinking about how you want to approach your topic, or in other words, what kind of claim you want to make, is a way to focus your thesis on a particular aspect of your broader topic. An argumentative thesis must make a logical and possible statement. Just as there are two different types of thesis statements (informative and persuasive), there are two basic styles you can use. A thesis is always at the beginning of the article. This will usually be in the first few paragraphs of the article, so it can introduce the body paragraphs that are the evidence in support of your thesis.

In college, five-paragraph essays become rare and distant as the length of the essay lengthens. Can you imagine having only five paragraphs in a six-page document? For a longer essay, you need a more versatile thesis. Instead of enumerating two or three different points, a thesis can enumerate a parent point to which all paragraphs in the body are related. A good thesis is one that requires additional evidence or analysis to back it up. A strong and argumentative thesis should take a position on a subject. It should explain the basics of your reasoning and help your reader know what to expect in your essay. Instead, we are talking about a single sentence that combines the main idea of each argument. In the context of student essays, this is a statement that summarizes your topic and explains your position on it. This sentence can tell a reader if your essay is something they want to read. An argumentative thesis must be conclusive.

Claims that presuppose value systems, morals or religious beliefs cannot be supported by evidence and are therefore not argumentative theses. Conversely, the formula of a one-point thesis could follow this bill: the U.S. House of Representatives should vote for the repeal of the federal discount tax because the revenues from this tax are negligible, is an effective argumentative thesis, because it identifies a particular actor and action, and can be fully supported by evidence of the amount of revenue, which generates inheritance tax. The disadvantages of using the Internet are outweighed by its many advantages for education: the Internet facilitates access to information, exposure to different perspectives, and a flexible learning environment for students and teachers. The first style uses a list of two or more points. This thesis style is perfect for a short essay that contains only two or three paragraphs of body…